City Escape: a day hike in Porkkalanniemi

Little getaways from the city, especially in the summertime for day hikes and exploring the areas closeby Helsinki, are my favourite thing to do! I had seen so much of Porkkalanniemi on social media, and I’m not sure why it took me this long to get there. I knew it looked nice, but it totally exceeded my expectations! Magnificent views, rocky shores – actually reminding me a lot of the Åland Islands where I had been recently. Porkkalanniemi is now my favourite spot for a day hike, and let me show you why.

Summer hike: the St. Olav Waterway on the Åland Islands

Last autumn, I did my first multi-day hike of the St. Olav Waterway – together with my friend Rania, we completed the first section of this pilgrimage trail from Turku to Korppoo. Now it was time for the second part: continuing from the edge of the Finnish archipelago to the Åland Islands! And what a beautiful trip it was: in the most perfect Finnish summer, this time with my friend Eva, we hiked for a few days amidst the rugged and wild beauty of Åland – spectacular views, the scent of strawberries in the air, ferry rides, wild trails through the forest and along the rocky shores – it was truly the most stunning part of the trail so far!

Midsummer at Haikko & Checklist for a memorable Juhannus

I’m not gonna lie, Midsummer always gets me. After all these years, and being super content with my Finnish life, the FOMO is heavy around Juhannus. For us foreigners, it can be a tricky time. We don’t have the strong traditions, the family mökki, the associations with Midsummer, the stories of our youth. It doesn’t have this presence in our mind and calendars, so by the time we notice that it’s midsummer time, cabins are unavailable and rental cars all booked up. While last year was particularly difficult for me, I’m more than happy with the plans for 2020, just getting out of the city and being away, just for a little bit, taking a deep breath and start to actively make my own Midsummer memories.

Guide to Hobby & Hardware stores in Helsinki

Finding your hobby and passion is great, and here’s the ultimate collection of supplies, shops and stores that hopefully help you to find everything you need in the greater Helsinki area! From gardening to music, sewing and gaming, I’ve done my best to curate a list to accommodate most interests I could think of.

Guide to Grocery, food delivery & ready-made meal services in Helsinki

Home delivery for groceries and meal subscriptions has become very popular in the last year specifically, and especially in the Helsinki area, you find many services that are reliable and most importantly also delicious. Here’s a comprehensive list of supermarket and grocery delivery options, recipe and Meal bags and also some ready-made food options you can find around different stores.

Things to do at home in times of quarantine

While yes: my main obsessions during these weeks of quarantine so far also has been “Tiger King” on Netflix (I know, revolutionary), which is seriously just so crazy, I am very much hooked on all the corresponding memes as well and it doesn’t feel like a healthy pastime. But here we are. So I put together a list of more rewarding things to spend your time with.