The Best Staycations in Helsinki for 2021

The concept of Staycations is one of my favourites, I’ve always believed in the idea of experiencing your own city as a tourist every now and again, and keep your eyes open for things that might pass you by in your day-to-day life! Helsinki is a lovely city for a Staycation, with beautiful hotel properties for everyone’s taste, vacation style and budget!

Tips & Routes: all you need to know about Biking in Helsinki

Helsinki is a city for biking, and rightfully so! With April, the season is starting, and locals are getting their bike fixed up and ready to get outside. Whether it is for your commute or leisure, if you want to go mountain biking in the forest or just out to the shops, everything is possible and accessible for everyone, no matter if you live here or are just visiting. All you need to know here!

Best places to enjoy Blinis in Helsinki

The best time of year is Blini season! January marks the month that Bliniviikot are all around the city, which means many wonderful restaurants have the wonderfully buttery Russian delicacy on their menus. The Finnish interpretation is made with buckwheat flour and baked in a cast-iron pan until crisp and sinful, and is served with a variety of different toppings, along the sides of smetana, red onions and pickles.

Finnish and Finland-inspired gift ideas

For those of us who are expats, family and friends at home love a little glimpse in our lives up North, and Christmas gifts from Finland are always a welcome novelty. For those of us who have moved here with our family and we want to strengthen our relationship with the new home in Finland, or just for those Finland-enthusiasts in your life – this is a collection of gift ideas of Finnish items or things that are super useful to have when (living) in Finland. Especially with winter in mind.