Moi(en) - I'm Kathrin!

I’m originally from Luxembourg but have been living in Helsinki since 2010 (yes, voluntarily)

I came for an exchange program for my tourism studies, was supposed to stay for one year. Then stayed, because I fell in love with the city, the country and the way of life.

If you want to read more about my background and time how I came to Finland, check out the FAQs here!I started my own business in 2014, working on different international media campaigns, conferences, festivals and trade fair event productions. These days, I am working with companies to help their foreign employees integrate in Finland and make them feel more at home, through cultural events, trips and experiences to connect them with Finnish culture.

Read more about it here.

On this blog, I share my lifestyle in Finland: good food, local culture, Finnish design & brands, nature and travelling in Finland, as well as my learnings of being an entrepreneur. The majority of readers are of the international community in Helsinki.

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