What to Do & Experience

Helsinki City – Day Escapes for every season


Over the years I have found my love for the outdoors, and Helsinki is the best place to enjoy nature in all seasons. You can live in the buzzing Capital of Finland, but still be in untouched nature within 20 minutes from the city centre. If you are looking for a day trip in the Helsinki area, for a short hike, a seaside adventure or a relaxing afternoon – here are my favourites!

My Outdoor Favourites


I am not a professional outdoorsy person, but I have pretty strong opinions on, well, everything. My recent hiking trip to the St. Olav Waterway reminded me how much I enjoy playing around with different outdoor bits and bobs and figuring out what I enjoy using, especially in this season. Being outdoors is great, and the gear that works for you is just a wonderful way to make your experience better, so I’m happy to share with you what those are for me!

Lapland Getaway: Luosto


Getting out into the nature of pure, deep Finnish winter is something that everyone should experience. It makes you fall in love with the season, understand why winter can be incredible and just be out and away from daily life for a while. Luosto is an ideal spot to do that, amidst a gorgeous National Park and the Fells. Some action? Snowmobiling, skiing and husky sled safaris are only a few ideas.