Guide to Hobby & Hardware stores in Helsinki

Finding your hobby and passion is great, and here’s the ultimate collection of supplies, shops and stores that hopefully help you to find everything you need in the greater Helsinki area! From gardening to music, sewing and gaming, I’ve done my best to curate a list to accommodate most interests I could think of – if there is something missing that you’d like to see added – share it in a comment and I’ll update accordingly!

Hobby and art supplies

Hobby Point – all kinds of hobby bits and art supplies 

Tempera – painters and artists paradise

Snow White – Paints and supplies for artists

Sinelli – arts & crafts things

Askarelli – random crafty things

Tuubi – painting and art supplies 

Knitting and sewing

Snurre – knitting supplies 

Eurokangas – sewing supplies and fabric store

Menita – knitting and other supplies

Inkuri – fabric shop

Villisilkki – fabrics and supplies

Artenio – sewing supplies

Nappitalo – button paradise!

Hardware and woodworking

Bauhaus – hardware store, lots of gardening supplies as well

K-Rauta – hardware store

Clas Ohlson – home bits and small hardware selection

RTV – homeware and decor shop

OP Puu – specialised wood supplies

Plektra Trading – specialised work tools and woodwork equipment


Putinki – beautiful stationary and notebook shop

Papershop – another local favourite stationary store

Suomalainen kirjakauppa – bookshop with a good selection of art supplies and stationary

Akateeminen kirjakauppa – high quality art supplies available as well, in addition to books and stationary

Plants and gardening

Plantagen – Plants and gardening center, mostly for houseplants – smaller shop in the city center, the large store in the suburbs

Muhevainen – plant nursery and gardening center, several locations. My personal favourite, also great consultation and friendly service

Viherpaja – greenhouse and plant shop

Garden Living – gardening, plant and lifestyle shop

Kukkatalo Maritta – flower and plant shop

Bauhaus – planting and gardening equipment, the store locations have a large selection of plants as well in their garden section


Lautapelit – Boardgames 

Warhammer – specialised shop

Puolenkuun pelit – Game store

Fantasia pelit – Games, RPG and miniature painting 





Kitarapaja – vintage guitar spot

Did I miss anything? Share your contributions in the comments and I’ll update the post accordingly!

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