Finnish Summer Cabin Food Inspiration & essentials

Food inspiration

Summer cabin food doesn’t have to be boring, dull or repetitive and a lot of work at the same time, with some smart planning and a little preparation beforehand, it’s just as simple as it can be. Here is some food inspiration from our cabin trip! All just with one small (and very small) cooktop and the charcoal bbq.

If you want to learn more about planning your perfect Finnish Summer cabin ‘mökki’ trip, read all about it in my Guide here!

  • Toasted baguette with grilled nectarines in lemon, honey and olive oil, topped with burrata cheese is my discovery of this summer
  • Vegetarian sausages and “grilletti” from Muutos are the best
  • Grilled halloumi and vegetables, such as paprika, mushrooms with green onions and garlic in olive oil (also excellent on grilled bread)
  • Bbq burgers with patties from Muutos with cheese and buns from Naughty Brgr
  • Grillifetapasta after the original pasta from @liemessa – works like a charm from the grill
  • Grilled bananas with Foodin Herkutella chocolate spread is a great dessert
  • Pancakes (lettu style) with freshly picked blueberries from the forest! I brought a Myllarin pancake mix for convenience and I recommend it!

Essentials to bring from home

Some essentials brought from home that make summer cabin food life easier and you can just bring leftovers back home:

  • Pre-mixed lemon-honey-olive-oil-vinaigrette. Great for light and easy salads, or on the halloumi or nectarines. So versatile, keeps long in the fridge and is a million times better than anything store-bought
  • Condiments – us Central European love a good sauce so we brought a bunch with us to the cabin: ketchup, vegan chili Mayo, sauce andalouse, bbq sauce and mustard
  • Jam or compote – great to add to pancakes or to some porridge or yoghurt for breakfast
  • Bring your favourite drinks! Mostly alcohol-free because of this crazy heat. My go-tos for the cabin are @crispalkoholiton lemon Radler and Moscow Mule 😌

What’s not to miss for you?