Winter magic in the Archipelago

The Western archipelago of Finland is one of my favourite areas in the country to begin with, and recently I finally got the chance to explore it a bit in winter. The region in Southwest Finland is an ideal spot for a weekend trip in basically any season, it’s close to the Capital and it’s easy to get to.


Good to know:

  • Distance and time from Helsinki: to Nauvo (Nagu) in the heart of the area – ca. 200km. The drive takes 2-2.5 hours depending on the season. You can also take a bus or train to Turku, from where you can head onwards with public transport. Having a car is convenient though.
  • Famous for: Islands, islands and more islands. The region has pretty much countless islands that are connection through ferries or bridges. Not only in the summer a paradise for kayaking, but apparently also winter kayaking is a thing!
  • Time needed: at least a weekend. Anything more will just add to your experience.


Ice-fishing as a way of life

Life in the archipelago is different. Families live very close to nature and integrate their surroundings as a normal part of their lives. The forests provide them with herbs and berries in the summer, the surrounding sea is full of fish – in all seasons. Ice-fishers can spend hours on end in the cold. Alternatively, nets are put in the water over night and the frozen catch is brought up the next day – and there you have lunch.

Ice-fishing works under the rule of Everyman’s right – which means you don’t need a license or a permit to do it, if it’s for your personal consumption. Ice-fishing for many is a crucial part of winter, as it’s fishing in the most traditional way! Finland offers you the perfect silence for the ultimate search for peace of mind.


Visiting the Stentorp Sheep Farm

We’re visiting the Stentorp sheep farm in the archipelago. The couple living here lives almost self-sufficiently in their farmhouse. In addition to food from the sea and forest, the sheep provide them with meat and wool for clothing. In the summers, they roam freely in the gardens and around the house, in the winter, they have to make do with a cosy little shed. The wool products are hand-knit in the area, the designs are all by lovely Jill.

They are warm and welcoming, and happy to have guests. Jills eyes sparkle, as she tells us about their life and offers us fish (from outside in their backyard of course) and vegetable soup. We all need to warm up a bit.

Visiting the archipelago is the perfect nature escape that’s within super easy reach of Helsinki, so even ideal for a quick and spontaneous trip. Stentorp even rents out the beautiful yellow cottage with sauna by the sea, which is my dream for the summer! Learn about and get a glimpse of the life in the Finnish archipelago – and enjoy the silence.

I was a guest of Visit Archipelago for #nbefinland. All experiences and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for having me! Can’t wait to come back!


  • Da bekomme ich richtig Lust! War bisher nur im Sommer in den Schären…

    • kathrin

      Dann hab ich ja etwas richtig gemacht 😉 freut mich, vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar! Definitiv auch im Winter eine Reise wert. Ist halt was völlig anderes 🙂

  • Immer wenn wir mit dem Boot vom Einkauf in Pargas zurück kommen fahren wir an Stentorps Ferienhaus vorbei. Ein wirklich stiller schöner Platz zum Träumen! Wenn Ihr mal wieder in der Gegend seit kommt auch uns besuchen, ausser verschiedenen Apfelprodukten aus unserer Mosterei wollen wir im nächsten Sommer ein Café eröffnen. Wir wohnen auf der selben Insel wie Stentorp (Kirjala) in Kårlax.

    • kathrin

      Das werde ich mir merken, danke für den Tipp! Würde mich freuen, mir sowohl die Mosterei als auch das Café im Sommer mal anzuschauen – ich bin schon fleißig die nächste Reise am Planen. Ein Lesezeichen ist gesetzt!

  • Lovely post and so nice to recap 🙂

  • Es macht viel Spaß euch alle NBE bloggers bei uns in Stentorp zu haben ! Wir, Wende und ich , sind wieder in der Adventszeit in Lübeck, in Heiligen Geist Hospital Stimmungsvolle Weinachtsmarkt mit meine LammWolle- und Pelzbekleidungen und Wendes Aquarels. Willkommen uns in das Kabäuschen 69 zu besuchen wenn Du in der nähe wohnt oder im Sommer in unsere kleine Sommerhaus.

    • kathrin

      Vielen Danke! Ich komme gerne im Sommer wieder – dann zum Kayaken!

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