Guide to the best restaurants that deliver to your home in Helsinki (+ bonus best pick-up-only locations)

In times of social distancing and self-quarantine, one way to keep your belly happy, local businesses running and yourself also occupied and feeling a bit fancy, is by ordering delicious meals to our home. In addition to apps like Wolt and Foodora, lately, also many smaller businesses offer (even free!) deliveries in their respective neighbourhoods. Some restaurants in the city have changed their entire strategy or have now just started delivery to cope with this extraordinary time.

Here are the best restaurants in Helsinki for delivery, and a couple of amazing pick-up-only locations you shouldn’t miss if you live in the area. Many of us (myself included) tend to order from the same tried-and-tested places, but here’s some inspiration to try something new!

Let’s all remember to #supportyourlocal and treat ourselves to fancy date night at home!

Capperi easy pick, my favourite pizza. I always order the Capricciosa, but the Bufalina is a much-loved classic, too. They are on Wolt with three locations.

Be my guest – tasty Vietnamese goodness coming from Jätkäsaari! Their noodle around dish is very delivery-friendly and will make your soul happy. Also, the edamame with chilli and garlic are absolutely worth getting. Order it on Wolt here.

Tandoor – our go-to place for ordering Indian food, and after years of trying places, we have come to the conclusion, that this is the only one for us. Great Kofta for vegetarians, my standard order is the Garlic Tikka Masala or the Palak Paneer. On Wolt here.

Social Burgerjoint: the best burgers, in my opinion, are those from the guys at Social! Always so satisfying, perfect portion sizes and their monthly lunch burger is usually really good as well. Big plus is the moving mountains veg* pattie they offer. Order here.

Tamarin – my favourite place for Thai food for years, and it’s always just really good. A true valeur sure. On my list are the Pad Siew street noodles and the Pad King fried ginger wok (with duck if I’m feeling extra fancy) and the Papaya salad. On Wolt.

Tokyo Streetthe best Japanese restaurant in Helsinki uses their own app and website to deliver their amazing meals to you. My go-to is the dumpling soup – no questions asked. Order here.

Pobre my favourite people from Filipino restaurants Pobre and Paisano now deliver! So you can also enjoy things like my favourite, the crispy chicken with caramel soy sauce at home. On Wolt here.

Guido’s Pizza – oh this place – I am so happy they deliver! I had one of the best pizzas in Helsinki here recently, and you should all give it a try. Order here!

Saigon House – for truly authentic and a large variety of amazing Vietnamese food, I recently discovered this gem of a place – and I’m so glad they deliver. The caramel braised pork with egg takes me right back to summer memories with friends. Order from Wolt here.

St. George – their sourdough bread is hands-down one of my favourite loaves in the city, and our recent dinner at restaurant Andrea was also the most positive surprise lately. Now they deliver to your home as well. Find all about it here.

Farang – oh who would have thought to ever enjoy Farang at home – what a time to be alive! One of Helsinki’s best restaurants has just now joined the delivery market. Their crispy pork with palm sugar caramel is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten. Order it on Wolt.

Pupu if you’re feeling healthy today, Pupu salads are a great option. They have several locations that deliver. I always get the Hotti salad with shrimp, sweet potato and avocado (and extra dressing!). See it here!

Petiscaria – One of my favourite restaurants in the city has take-away available now! I recommend the piri-piri chicken and the Feijoada – but also the seitan is the best of all Helsinki – you can find all the info here or order home delivery on Foodora.

Finnjävel – a very interesting addition to the recent home delivery options, is Finnjävel. Run by some of the best chefs in the city and focus on a modern interpretation of Finnish dishes, they now offer a limited, but amazing-looking selection of home delivery options. Order here.

Hanko Sushi – we all crave sushi on a regular basis, and Hanko has been my first choice for many years, both in the restaurants and by delivery. I usually get one of the sets, with some additional grilled teriyaki salmon and wakame salad. They have many locations on Wolt to get it home to you.

Fat Ramen – it’s hard to get through desperate times without Ramen, so do your soul a favour and order some here, who were the first ones to bring it to Helsinki. Interesting delivery specials that you can check out and order on Wolt!

Urbine – this Jätkäsaari place has seriously delicious burgers, also a delicious veg*, burger option – and currently they deliver for free on Jätkäsaari island. Find all info here.

Some great pick-up only options:

Locanda Scappi the in-house restaurant of Noli Katajanokka has some seriously great pasta to take home. I highly recommend their cacio e pepe ravioli. They cook for a couple of minutes, I added some sage and butter and it was a divine dinner. Find their take-home menu and send an order here.

Way Bakery – a local favourite for their amazing bread and other baked goods. Make sure to order in advance to get what you want! Check out all info here.

Chapter – I certainly never thought that Chapter would have a takeout option, and while their location is surely part of the dining experience, I’ll definitely try their superb dishes at home! Info here!

Bar Cón – For a Spanish feast at home, you can now order take away from Bar Cón in both of their locations. There’s a bunch of tapas sets and a minimised à la carte menu available, and whatever you order, always get the Padron Peppers. Check out the take-away menu and instructions here.

What did I miss? What’s your favourite place to order from? Share in a comment!

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