Guide to Furniture and Interior shopping in Finland

We all know Nordic design and interior is a big part of lifestyle in Finland! There are many great places for furniture shopping in Helsinki and Finland, and places for great interior design. You don’t have to shed out a load of money for great pieces, there are many affordable online shops and fantastic second hand options. Here are all of them!

Furniture shopping in Finland & Interior

Interior & furniture: 

Interior & furniture (and clothing): 

Homeware, furniture and everything:

Homeware, decor and a bit of everything:


Furniture and interior:


Furniture & interior:

Furniture & interior:

Well, Ikea: 


High quality furniture and design items curated:

Everything (affordable in-house brand is Casa Stockmann):

Finnish sofas and upholstery: &

The great and traditional Finnish design leader:

Everything (department store):

Interior & decor:

Rattan furniture and home accessories:

All Finnish design:

Decor and homeware shopping in Finland

Interior decor, homeware & textiles:

Interior things and homeware:

Interior bits: 

Interior and Finnish design items:


Decor and interior (no online shop, store in Ainoa/Tapiola and Forum):

Decor things:

Textiles, home decor:

Interior and homeware:

Wall art & prints

Traditional Finnish travel posters turned into design items:

Posters, prints and frames:

Posters and wall art:

From Finnish museums:

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