The best time of year is Blini season! For the best blinis in Helsinki, bookmark this post! January marks the month that Bliniviikot are all around the city, which means many wonderful restaurants have the wonderfully buttery Russian delicacy on their menus. The Finnish interpretation is made with buckwheat flour and baked in a cast-iron pan until crisp and sinful, and is served with a variety of different toppings, along the sides of smetana, red onions and pickles.

Here are some of the best Blinis in Helsinki

Restaurant Kappeli (Eteläesplanadi 1) – this Finnish classic restaurant has already been open since 1867, and was long the hot-spot for the local artist elite. Nowadays, it’s a popular spot for visitors to try some Finnish dishes, and for locals to drop in for a glass of wine in elegant setting, right in Esplanade park. The blinis here are amongst my favourites, the atmosphere just adds to the delicious toppings and crisp, wonderful blinis. 
The blinis with a selection of toppings is available for 37€, the 3-course blini menu at 63€.

Restaurant Lasipalatsi (Mannerheimintie 22-24) – Another classic restaurant for Finnish food, this was actually the first place I ever got to enjoy blinis back in 2015, and I’ve been back often. 

Their all-you-can-eat-blini offer starts at 28€, and they also have a vegan option on the menu which I haven’t seen in many other places.

Salutorget (Pohjoisesplanadi 15) – Lovely traditional blini menu with a selection of all the lovely toppings is available at Salutorget for 35€, or from 12€ for simpler option

Meripaviljonki (Säästöpankinranta 3) The blini brunch at the floating seafood restaurant in Hakaniemi comes in at 46,50€ and offers a nice selection of classic Blini toppings and other brunch delights with a nice sea view. Can’t wait to try them!

Troikka (Caloniuksenkatu 3) – Russian restaurant that serves a very popular blini variety that has many admirers. Enjoy their blini starting at 30€.

Merimakasiini (Hietalahdenranta 14) – Fantastic seafood restaurant that also has their Blini-weeks on, you can get a blini with a selection of toppings for 19€, or the simple option for 13€.

Blinit (Sturenkatu 9) – For year-round Russian Blini delight, this small restaurant of Sturenkatu is your place to go. The blinis you’ll get here are different from those introduced further above, they are the more original variety that is thin and bigger, and available with both savoury and sweet toppings.

Other places serving blinis in 2023 linked here – for example Salve & Zetor