Guide to Hobby & Hardware stores in Helsinki

Finding your hobby and passion is great, and here’s the ultimate collection of supplies, shops and stores that hopefully help you to find everything you need in the greater Helsinki area! From gardening to music, sewing and gaming, I’ve done my best to curate a list to accommodate most interests I could think of.

Guide to Grocery, food delivery & ready-made meal services in Helsinki

Home delivery for groceries and meal subscriptions has become very popular in the last year specifically, and especially in the Helsinki area, you find many services that are reliable and most importantly also delicious. Here’s a comprehensive list of supermarket and grocery delivery options, recipe and Meal bags and also some ready-made food options you can find around different stores.

Ideas and Things to do at home

While yes: my main obsessions during these weeks of quarantine so far also has been “Tiger King” on Netflix (I know, revolutionary), which is seriously just so crazy, I am very much hooked on all the corresponding memes as well and it doesn’t feel like a healthy pastime. But here we are. So I put together a list of more rewarding things to spend your time with.

The perfect evening routine for the best nights sleep – at Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

For International Sleeping Day, we spent a night at Sokos Hotel Flamingo to experience the perfect night of sleep! Sleep is so important, and while many of us are home at the moment, it is a great moment to challenge your sleeping patterns and figure out the perfect evening and sleeping routine. And then reward yourself with a fancy hotel night away, when things are back to normal – and have the best sleep ever.

Guide to Finnish Sauna & My Sauna Essentials

Sauna and Finland really stand for each other, it’s probably one of the things that people first associate with Finland, yet there are so many question marks from visitors and new locals about Finnish sauna culture! It took me some time, in the beginning, to really appreciate sauna and learn all about it, but I have come to really love it. My goal for this year is to create a weekly sauna ritual for myself, and really feel the benefits from it. Here’s my take, my favourite sauna places, and my sauna essentials.

Working from home: tips for a productive home office

While I split my working days between my home office and co-working space Sofia Future Farm, the next weeks will be exclusively home days. We live in extraordinary times, and this means some changes for everyone. Maybe you are used to working from home, or you’re in a totally new situation where you’re put on home office duty in times of Covid-19 – maybe there’s a tip or two here that help you along this ride. Working from home certainly has its perks, but sometimes it’s a struggle to really be productive. Mention your own tips in the comments!