Lapland Getaway: Luosto

Getting out into the nature of pure, deep Finnish winter is something that everyone should experience. It makes you fall in love with the season, understand why winter can be incredible and just be out and away from daily life for a while. Luosto is an ideal spot to do that, amidst a gorgeous National Park and the Fells. Some action? Snowmobiling, skiing and husky sled safaris are only a few ideas.

Dinner Date: Kaskis in Turku

Dinner Date time! When visiting Turku, make a note of reserving a table at Kaskis, where I had one of the most amazing dinners ever. Read and see for yourself and you’ll probably get why.

NBE phone recap

The Nordic Bloggers’ Experience 2016 is over and out! The campaign officially concluded on Wednesday the 26th, and now I am processing the events and experiences of last week by simply putting down a little best of phone snapshots along with some thoughts of the week.