#yrittäjänviikko – Entrepreneurship week

It’s #yrittäjänpäivä on Wednesday, but I decided to take this whole week to share some input on my take on entrepreneurship. I’m approaching my four year business anniversary, with good and less good times, both as a motivation to myself and readers, Helsinki freelancers and entrepreneurs, and while I’m definitely not the wisest person to give you any life advice at all, I’m here to share and rant and all that jazz.

Quick Guide to a culinary trip to TURKU!

Turku is one of the places I have actually been to the most, but I never got around to really write about it! It’s such a lovely city and I’m always super delighted to be back, hang out by the river, do some shopping and enjoy the great food over there – which was also eventually my focus of the latest trip. Wanna know more?