7+ essential tips: Winter Skincare in Finland Guide ​

Winter skincare in Finland is important, and it has nothing to do with vanity or being into beauty. It’s essential protection in colder temperatures, and harsh conditions. It’s not rocket science, doesn’t require a big budget or a lot of time – but there are some things you should keep in mind!

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What to know about winters in Finland

What are the temperatures in winter in Finland?

– Finland is a large country, and hence temperatures depend a lot on where you are and what you do

– Around the coast, it can be more windy, but not necessarily more humid in winter when it gets cold – the further inland you go, the drier the climate is, and of course – the more North you are, the colder it gets

– That being said, also Southern Finnish winters can be very crisp and cold

– January, February and March are the coldest months, with February being the prime time for winter in most of the country. 

– Bright blue skies and sunshine usually go along with colder temperatures, but it also makes them much more bearable. The worst are the temperatures between 0 and +5°C actually – these temperatures tend to be really clammy and uncomfortable and grey – the only place to deal with these is in the sauna. 

– Remember: very cold temperatures don’t necessarily feel as badly cold because of the lower humidity. It’s a very different type of cold you experience in many other places. 

: don’t be afraid of the winter and the temperatures! Learn how to dress properly and find joy in the winter times, and maybe you will be a winter fan soon too!

Should I be worried about getting frostbite?

– Yes and no

– If you look after your skin properly and wear the right things, no. 

– That being said, I forgot my gloves once a few years ago while being out and had first degree frostbite on my right hand afterwards. This is called frostnip, and it looked like my skin had burned. That spot still feels extra sensitive to cold these days, so it’s no joke.

 So using a creme on your skin is not about vanity – it’s really about protection. 

What about hair care?

Yes, your hair can freeze, and there are things you can do to help with that, because you can’t prevent it. Facial hair can freeze also, that includes eyelashes, brows and beards.

There is a reason why you see me wearing braids in most of my winter photos: keeping your hair in place and out of the way is not only practical, but it is also a way to protect your hair. Free flowing locks that freeze can break off, which is less likely in a braid or otherwise hidden hair. 

So I recommend: deep condition and use a hair oil to keep your hair healthy and protect it, and prevent it from moving around too much in sub-zero temperatures. 

Top tips for Winter Skincare

1. Add an oil to your skincare routine

What happens to water in very cold temperatures? It freezes. Water-based moisturisers can freeze as well, and dry out your skin as well. Adding a face oil to your SPF or moisturiser can help to protect and nurture your skin. It doesn’t mean that your face will look oily at all – just a drop or two can already make a huge difference. You can also use them on their own, and give them enough time to settle in to your skin to create a barrier.

A wax-based scream is also a good choice but can feel really thick. Make sure you clean your face properly in the evening.

2. Don't forget the sun protection

I can’t stress this enough anywhere: SPF every day! Even in the wintertime, even when it’s cloudy. Radiation is still there and it can be as dangerous in the long run. Even if it doesn’t give you sunburn (although that also happens!), it prevents skin aging and skin cancer. A creme with sun protection should be on your face every single day. In the winter, I recommend a thicker texture that also protects your skin from the elements while you are at it, and for outdoorsy days, a spray or stick-form makes it easy to re-apply. 

3. Gently cleanse and exfoliate

Oil-based cleansers are great year-round: they clean your skin gently and also break down waterproof makeup with ease. There are plenty of lovely oil cleansers or enriched cleanser balms and milks, this totally depends on personal preference.

Exfoliation means that you remove dead skin cells from the top of your skin. This happens naturally, in winter it can become more dry and flakey. In addition to proper care to prevent this, exfoliating helps your skin take in all that goodness that you give it with masks and creams. I prefer chemical treatments opposed to mechanical ones: gentle ingredients help the dry skin come off, whereas scrubbing them off would irritate your skin more. 

4. Help your skin to heal

Even for the best of us it can sometimes be too late and our skin gets cracked and sore and super dry. For that I recommend spot-treatments with something nurturing. Preventatively, the Weleda Skin Food creme is so thick and wonderful, but it also works to repair your skin. Balms and salves are your best friend, and they often come in a handy format to carry with you.

5. Remember your ears and hands

Protection of the skin doesn’t come from just skincare and lotions, but also from basic protection from the elements. Meaning: good gloves for hands and fingers, a proper hat that will keep your ears warm and good shoes – for your feet. 

6. Sweat it out in the sauna

That sauna is good for you is no secret – but I personally think that the effects on your skin are talked about enough! After sauna my skin is plump and radiant and feels so clean and fresh (and red), that it really helps my skin to stay glowy in the wintertime. Add a beautiful face mask overnight afterwards and you will wake up with the best skin ever.

7. My must-have products for Finnish winter

If I could pick one of each category, these would be my must-haves for the winter:

– Laponie Oil Cleanser

– Weleda Skin Food

– Lumene Nordic-C Oil cocktail

– Lumene Arctic hydra care day fluid SPF 30

– Laponie all-over balm

– Carmex classic lip balm with SPF 15