Ultimate Winter (Packing) Checklist for Finland: Stay Cozy and Prepared

This is the all-essential winter checklist for Finland!

With jaw-dropping temperatures and long dark period, but also stunning blue skies and bright sunny days, lots of snow and all the good stuff – Finnish winters can be a challenge. Especially for new and resident locals, or visitors, knowing what you need to have an enjoyable winter experience, is super important. 

This is a list of input, suggestions and my personal recommendations and tips of over 13 winters in Finland – and loving every single one of them (truly)! 


Top 3 things to remember: 

– It’s worth investing in a few key pieces, and it will make all the difference

– Layering is important, figure out what works for you and make comfort a priority

– Extra important: feet, hands, ears, skin. 


Table of Contents


– These depend a lot on your planned activity and personal preference

– Mittens will keep your hands warmer than finger gloves. Gloves are still great for warmer days or quick outings

– Fingerless gloves with a flop-over mitten cover are the best thing you can invest in

– One good beanie is a must. Wool is the best.

– Buff or balaclava will save your day, trust me on this. A scarf is more optional for me. 

– Sunglasses!! Winter sun and white snow reflecting it is harsh. A must on any winter checklist for Finland. 

Brand recommendations: 


North Outdoor 

– Icebreaker


Base layers


– (merino) wool over everything, it keeps you warm and dry. Material matters. 

– stay away from synthetic fibres and cotton

– mesh layers for every day are underrated

– you don’t need many of these. Woollen ones only need to be aired out for a refresh. Invest in 1-2 pairs and you’re sorted. 


Brand recommendations: 


North Outdoor

Cubus and Lindex have good budget-friendly options 

– Intimissimi for knitwear base 


– Some investments are worth it, winters are long here

– Second hand is an excellent option for all of these

– Remember to layer 

Brand recommendations: 

– North Outdoor

– R-Collection

– Uniqlo

Mid Layers



– Studded shoes are great but I personally don’t wear them often. The studs are great outside but damage floors very easily

– Stick with reputable brands for shoes (preferably Nordic as they know what they are doing). 

– I always double sock: silk-cotton mix liner sock + mid-weight woollen sock = perfect formula

Brand recommendations: 


– Helsingin Sukkatehdas

– North Outdoor

– Marimekko (for cute ones)

– Cubus 


– One. good. coat. = must. For most versatility, look at 3-1 winter parkas with a detachable down lining

– Pay attention to the sleeves, hood and pockets when you buy

Brand recommendations: 





Homewear & Sauna


– Sauna in wintertime is my favourite thing ever, winter swimming is absolutely worth a try! It’s even better with a couple of bits to upgrade your experience.

– Some nice-to-haves for sure, but we do spend a lot of time indoors during winters, so staying cozy and warm is just as important here!

Brand recommendations: 


– Lapuan Kankurit

– Luin Living


– This has nothing to do with vanity or beauty: skin protection is a non-negotiable for everyone. Cannot be missing on any winter checklist for Finland!

– Wear SPF every day. UV rays are always present and it’s the easiest way to protect ourselves from skin damage. 

– Water-based products can freeze and crack your skin. Either opt for a wax- or oil-based moisturiser or SPF, or add a face oil to your routine. 

Brand recommendations: 




Cosmetics & Skincare



– Just some of my personal must-haves that I carry with me 🙂

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