12+ Top Finnish brands for your winter wardrobe​

Curating your Finnish winter wardrobe can be a challenge, but with the right clothing it can also be gorgeous, beautiful and comfy. 

Here are my top 9 Finnish brands for winter clothing:

North Outdoor

North Outdoor is a Finnish clothing brand that specializes in merino wool, which is arguably the world’s natural super power and a must-have for your Finnish winter wardrobe. North Outdoor places a strong focus on durability, functionality, and adaptability to harsh weather conditions, making it a popular choice for both outdoor and urban adventurers.

From base layers, to loungewear and fashionable every-day garments, North Outdoor is one of my favourite brands for knitwear.

R-collection is a Finnish clothing brand known for its high-quality and durable urban and outdoor clothing. Founded in 1978, R-collection’s products are designed to withstand the demanding Finnish climate, making them popular choices for locals. 

They are possibly my favourite brand, I make them somewhat responsible for me wearing colours (!) these days. Their anorak should be in everyone’s Finnish winter wardrobe. 

Their wooden sunglasses are the only eyewear I own these days, I have several models in several colours and I love them all. Even though their watches are their main product, the sunglasses stand out for me with their designs in both model and material. 

Maybe my favourite is the Belle model, it’s a classic cat eye piece that is just something else, especially the ebony wood version. Protecting your eyes is also important in winter, our sunny, snowy days in Finland can be bright and harsh. 

Nanso is a Finnish clothing brand celebrated for its comfortable and sustainable apparel. Established in 1921, Nanso focuses on producing high-quality, everyday clothing for women and men, with a strong emphasis on well-being and eco-friendly production methods. 

Nanso’s  timeless Finnish design has earned them a dedicated following over the years. I love them for basics, their linen and outerwear.

Alpa Knitwear is a Finnish brand renowned for its expertise in producing high-quality knitwear. Alpa is known for its warm and comfortable woolen garments of nothing but 100% super soft alpaca wool, including sweaters, cardigans, and accessories. 

Their pieces are so soft and lightweight, yet keep you nice and warm. To add to their sustainability promise, you can also purchase second hand pieces directly from them.

Joutsen is a well-known Finnish brand recognized for its premium-quality down products, particularly duvets and pillows but also – magnificent down coats. Founded in 1936, Joutsen is committed to sustainable and ethical down production, ensuring the well-being of animals and the environment. 

Their emphasis on quality and warmth make them the perfect choice for a Finnish winter wardrobe investment piece of a coat for years to come.

Pomar is a Finnish footwear brand specializing in crafting durable and functional shoes suitable for various weather conditions. Founded in 1960 already, Pomar’s products, including boots, shoes, and sandals, are designed to withstand the challenges of the Nordic climate. 

Particularly their gore-tex shoes and boots are essential for the Finnish winters. No matter if you prefer cozy and whimsical, or sturdy and modern – you’ll find the perfect shoe. Also available for wider feet.

Marimekko is an iconic Finnish design brand recognised for its bold and vibrant textile and clothing designs. Founded in 1951, Marimekko has a unique Nordic aesthetic characterised by striking patterns and colours. 

Their knitwear is certainly an investment but well worth it over the years. The quality is beautiful and you will stay both toasty and fashionable in the colder seasons. Their Unikko pattern is famous and a classic for a reason and makes me feel the most Finnish. 

Makia is a Finnish fashion brand known for its clean and functional design aesthetic. Founded in 2001, the brand draws inspiration from the harsh and unpredictable Nordic nature, which is reflected in their high-quality, durable clothing suitable for all seasons.

The place to go for coats and jackets, for both men and women and everyone in between. No matter the season, you will find the right coat for you, at an excellent quality-price ratio. I probably own more than I need. 

For beanies and beautifully crafted accessories, Myssyfarmi is the best choice. Knitted by local grannies, Myssy does not only create beautiful pieces of great quality, they are play an important social part in the local community of their home town. All their wool is locally sourced as well. 

I have several of their beanies and headbands, they are guaranteed to keep you warm and look just like the Finns. My favourites are the Balaclava and Pipa models. 

Aarre translates to treasure and that’s just about right. Their dot pieces are my go-to choice for versatile clothing items that are easy to dress up (for Christmas parties for example) or integrate in your casual work wardrobe. 

Their focus lies on comfort and accessibility – everyone will find something that suits them here. Their production is entirely transparent and sustainability is a priority, too. You can also get your items mended or resell them through their second hand section. 

Svala is a Finnish brand that produces essential garments for any season. The brand is known for its commitment to using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes. 

For me personally, their top items are the airbase undergarments, which are a true innovation. These base layers are the perfect pieces for everyday wear under your regular clothes without feeling bulky or too hot. Yet you still are so warm. It’s magic. 


Pomar Saana felt boots

Not only beautiful, these felt boots will keep your feet warm and dry thanks to natural materials and Gore-tex technology. The perfect winter companion.

R-Collection Anorak

This twist on the classic R-Collection anorak is a great addition to your wardrobe, as it can be used year-round. With a cozy jumper underneath, it's great for an active day out.

Myssyfarmi Pipa Beanie

Myssy's beanies are my favourite, and the Pipa is a new favourite in my collection. This best-of-all model suits everyone and works in every season. If you're gonna get a new beanie: make it this one.

R-Collection padded overshirt

This overshirt is great on its own as a light jacket, or a great layering piece to add some extra warmth to a lighter jacket. Definitely a must-have for me these days.

Pomar Naava Shoes

These warm-lined lace-up boots have kept my feet both dry and toasty thanks to Gore-Tex - the colour contrast is so nice, great for city days and hikes both!

Joutsen Mysi Down Coat

The down jackets from Joutsen are truly an amazing investment piece. Made from responsibly sourced down, ethically produced and incredible quality, these jackets will last you forever. (similar linked)

Svala Airbase base layer

The innovative airbase mesh base layer is so light you barely know it's even there - it keeps you perfectly tempered year-round.

North Outdoor Halla Sweater

Thin and elegant merino sweater, that is great for those days in the office or milder days. Many beautiful colours!

North Outdoor Kuulas Sweater

Thick and soft merino roll next sweater, that will not only keep you warm but is also functional with practical thumbholes.

R-Collection Flannel Dress

Super soft and comfortable, you can dress it up or down - everyone needs a Flannell dress in their winter wardrobe.

Alpa wool dress

Alpaca wool is the softest ever and this Finnish brand has a wide selection of dresses, sweaters and accessories. One of the dresses is on the top of my list!

Marimekko Knitwear

Every winter, Marimekko releases some beautiful knits, that stand the test of time so well. The designs vary, I have their classic Unikko pattern sweater in several colours.

R-Collection Anorak Trousers

Another Finnish brand staple, these Anorak sets have been around for a long time. They are water-repellant and very versatile. Add a woollen layer under and you're set. Many colours also!

Aarni Belle Sunglasses

My absolute favourites, any of the Aarni wooden sunglasses are always with me. They are light, beautifully crafted and a nice touch of nature to any outfit. Remember to protect your eyes also in winter!