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Hietalahti market hall – Helsinki’s foodie paradise


The market hall in Hietalahti strikes with a best of the best of the Capitals restaurant scene – from the only Portuguese restaurant in the city, authentic Japanese noodles and juicy burgers – there’s something for everyone here. Roam around and taste your way through this unique place.

Weekly Log #3


Weekly reviews are somehow always interesting to me, to catch up on people I follow, but also to have something to look forward to…

Gift ideas from Finland!


Not only is Christmas around the corner, but if you happen to be on the lookout for a Finnish present for someone – this post is for you. I like to gift people with items they will connect with or that make them think of me (hopefully) in the future. For Finland lovers, Finland expats, design enthusiasts or maybe just to inspire someone to discover the Finnish Design scene!