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Dinner Date: Restaurant Ultima – this is hyperlocal


Helsinki’s food scene surprises me again and again, Ultima being one of the newest additions. A microlocal restaurant with a fine dining experience, that’s just something completely different. What does that even mean? Well, locally sourced products are a staple of many restaurants as it’s a philosophy that’s deeply rooted with Finnish restauranteurs. Microlocal essentially means, that 90% of the products used are brought in from less than a 100km radius – with some even grown inside the very restaurant location. With climate change impacting the agricultural sector, it lies upon us, says Henri, to think of alternate ways to source food, as sustainably and organically as possible. 

#yrittäjänviikko – Spaces


If you are self-employed and running a one-woman show most of the time, the question of where you actually work is a big one, and co-working spaces are a great option. Work from home, rent an office, work from libraries or cafés? There are plenty of possibilities, but which is the right one is a very subjective thing. I’ll explore a bunch of different opportunities, starting with the co-working office SPACES.

Hietalahti market hall – Helsinki’s foodie paradise


The market hall in Hietalahti strikes with a best of the best of the Capitals restaurant scene – from the only Portuguese restaurant in the city, authentic Japanese noodles and juicy burgers – there’s something for everyone here. Roam around and taste your way through this unique place.