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Helsinki City Escapes II: Espoo waterfront walkway


Stretching all the way from Munkkiniemi along the coastline of Espoo all the way to Saunalahti, the scenic road with mystical parts through birch woods, swampy forests and hidden bbq-places on rocks by the water, but leads also along luxurious residential areas and small harbours. Nature is at your doorstep, people, get out there. Everytime again I am amazed by how close everything actually is and yet how far from civilisation it seems at times. Somewhat seasonal, it’s a great way to explore the shoreline on foot, but especially by bike.

Helsinki City Escape I: Kruunuvuori


The area of Kruunuvuori is a foresty area on the Laajasalo peninsula, on the south-eastern shore of Helsinki. The wooden villas that had already been built there all the way from the 1800s onwards were hence abandoned but not taken down, so during the last decades those beautiful houses had been left to decay in the woods. It’s a bit like visiting ghost town, however, at this point in time (2019), many of the houses have been burnt down, so this post is more a collection of impressions of what it used to be. City views and forest walks are still worth visiting though!



STREAT Helsinki 2014 was a delightful celebration of food – kicked off with the TALKS at Helsingin messukeskus on Friday, followed by the PARTY the same night and had it’s grand final at the EATS street food festival Saturday afternoon.