Guide to Grocery, food delivery & ready-made meal services in Helsinki

Home delivery for groceries and meal subscriptions has become very popular in the last year specifically, and especially in the Helsinki area, you find many services that are reliable and most importantly also delicious. Here’s a comprehensive list of supermarket and grocery delivery options, recipe and Meal bags and also some ready-made food options you can find around different stores. Did I miss anything? Share it in a comment and I’ll update the post!

Grocery delivery

Grocery shopping can be a drag, many struggle to get their shopping done with kids in tow, or in the colder months. We don’t have a car, and last winter we started placing a monthly order for all essentials that are heavy or bulky to carry, and that gets us through the following weeks with just buying fresh produce throughout. Services in Helsinki are reliable and cover most regions in the greater Capital area. I recommend checking several options and their delivery times, depending on the traffic I’ve had next-day deliveries, but lately, the earliest option was often 3 weeks away.

Prisma delivery from S-group

K-Ruoka home delivery service – largest selection and reliable delivery times

Oda – simple straight forward grocery delivery service, order and book through their app

Wolt market – order groceries through the Wolt app from the market – small selection

Kavall (tbc) – order groceries to your home within 10 minutes 

Kauppahalli24 – Smaller food delivery service

Vihannespörssi – Fruit and vegetables, sets available as well

Marjapuoti – mostly Finnish berries and eggs

Food Market Herkku online shop, high-quality groceries

Pieni Ruokakauppa – Small, high-quality online grocery shop

Fiskuruoka – outlet and bulk sales of popular products – worth for a good deal

Matsmart – more affordable online groceries

Eggspress – small but lovely grocery selection

Benkun Marjat – more Berries!

Fruitkit – for fruit deliveries (popular for offices, but offer sets for homes as well)

Rekolan Puutarha – small selection of locally grown, mainly, vegetables

Food and meal bags

Not everybody likes to cook or has the time for it, and even for those of us who do enjoy to spend time in the kitchen – sometimes you can find yourself totally uninspired. If you want to try something new, but don’t order in any food, these meal bags are a fun option: you can choose from a variety of options and get an ingredient bag delivered along with the instructions. And then you can prepare it fresh yourself, at your own time. Others are ready-made meals to reheat at home, which is a great option for busy families and lazy cooks.

LuomukassiAll organic meal bags

Anton & Anton – Artisan and organic options, both as a recipe or ready-made meal bag available

Vegekassi – All vegetarian meal prep bag

Food Market Herkku – their own recipe meal box

Sannan Ruokakassi – Popular recipe bags for almost every diet

Ruokaboksi – Meal boxes with lots of nice different options

My dear kitchen in Helsinki food bag – Turkish weekly meal delivery – delicious!

Ready-made meal options

FuelMe – Nutritional ready-made meals

Epic – Fresh healthy ready-made meals

Komero Food – Meal kit to prepare at home, available in grocery stores

Food co-ops (offer seasonal harvest to their members – require membership)

Oma maa – small farm that brings lots of organic produce to their members

Oma pelto