Representing Finland abroad: my favourite Finnish Design pieces

In my post on travelling to Brussels with for the European Commission, I already shared my thoughts on the topic and everything, but in this post, I wanted to talk a bit more about what it means for me to represent my story and my chosen home around places. I really appreciate life in Helsinki, and I feel very strongly about Finland, its quirks and oddities, the beauty of nature and the lifestyle – but I rarely talk about the design aspects which admittedly, have changed my perspective a lot.

Photo: Pauline Leclère

Learning to love Finnish design

I used to adore cosy and slightly chaotic spaces, my dream house was my friends family home that was stuffed with books and instruments, fluffy cushions and upholstery, earthy colours and heavy fabrics. While I still adore the place, my design aesthetic could not be any different at this point in time. I have come to love the Nordic, clean and minimal style, both in my home and when it comes to clothes, and I have developed a very, almost patriotic-feeling, affection for local designers and brands.

The first brand that clearly caught my eye and sparked my interest in Finnish design, was Lumi Accessories. I already introduced them a couple of years ago here. For this special occasion of talking about my story of moving abroad with the European Commission, I wanted to represent Finland by wearing pieces from my favourite local brands. These pieces give me so much confidence, but I also want to promote and shift more to slow fashion labels, invest in quality and unique styles.

The perfect bag for all occasions

For the trip to Brussels, I needed something versatile, as I didn’t want to burden myself with too much luggage, I needed a bag that would be on me for the travel itself, on the train, plane and everywhere in between, during the daytime meeting friends and going for a stroll around the city and of course, the speaking gig at the #EUmovers campaign event.

So quite a lot of boxes to tick. I picked the Othilia black cross-body bag to join me on this trip, it is small enough to fit with a smart business outfit and an evening out, but big enough to fit all my necessities, my big phone (iPhone 7+ – it’s huge) and even my small camera, my passport some lipstick, tissues and a pen, and I am good to go. The leather is super soft but maintains its shape even when it’s not completely full, it doesn’t stain easily, and the big silverware fastening adds something so unique and cool to it. I have similar versions of it already in two other colours and sizes, so this line is definitely one of my favourites.

The ease of moving abroad, starting a business and taking it internationally is exactly what the #EUmovers campaign wants to promote. We are able to grow and develop our personality, business, interest and life by having the opportunity to choose to live in the place that resonates with us the most, where we feel comfortable, appreciated and, well, home. LUMI is a brand that was founded by a Finnish-French couple so their story also reflected nicely on the occasion of the trip.

Over the years, I have replaced my existing bags with a decent collection of LUMI bags, that really cover all my needs and styles. It started when I saw one of my lecturers during my exchange with their Supermarket bag, and I thought to myself, when I am settled here and I get my first proper paycheck, I will get one of those. A couple of years later, I did. I remember clearly, walking in their store by Senaatintori and leaving with the bag, as the proudest person ever. Somehow, their pieces represent a part of my personal path over the years and they’ve been a loyal companion along the road. Their Kreta backpack is with me every single day, the Saara backpack is my favourite weekend bag that I’ve taken both to fancy festivals and to the woods. You’ll see them across my Instagram at all times.

Shop my favourite Finnish Design pieces

Versatility is key

It’s important to me that the pieces I invest in are not limiting me to certain, rare occasions,but I need to be able to dress them up or down for many different scenarios. My life is – thankfully – very all over the place many a time, and I need my clothes and my outfit to be appropriate and flowing with me. I’m happy that with LUMI, I managed to find several bags that fit this demand perfectly.

One of the things in my wardrobe that’s with me in all occasions and seasons is the magic line by R/H, I have the magic sweater in 6 different colour variations and 3 different variations of it as a dress (well, technically one is a t-shirt, but I’m short). I’ve worn it on the plane, hosting an event on stage, running a food tour around town, on workdays both at home and in my co-working office and – yes – at an audience with the president of Iceland (so random). So depending on what you wear with it, it can be anything you want it to be.

Photo: Pauline Leclère

This post is in collaboration with LUMI Accessories (bag gifted). Thank you so much!

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  • Rania {Northbound Journeys}

    It’s so lovely to see how aware you are, and that you put thought into wearing things that fit your needs, look good, are of good quality And represents something, being something more than just a piece of clothing or accessory. I really appreciate that!

    I feel like I also put some thought and care into what I wear and use, and what I show others – but I’m not so good at representing Swedish brands, but I guess I haven’t found the right ones yet.

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