A perfect Helsinki Day for the last day of my 20s – #AllasDaycation

Right in the Helsinki harbour, actually even directly on the harbour, lies the Allas Sea Pool – which at this point already has become a truly iconic and unique place in the Helsinki city centre – with the floating pools attracting both locals and visitors alike, the stunning views out to the archipelago, Katajanokka and over the market square take everyone’s breath away. But Allas is more than just the pools, it is in fact, the ultimate place to spend a perfect Helsinki experience day. From a morning sauna and swim to a coffee and a work session from the terrace, a workout or yoga class in the afternoon to a delicious dinner full of Nordic flavours and ending the day with a glass of wine with a view of the city. I decided to spend the last day of my Twenties at Allas to enjoy life to the fullest! Because even if it’s a regular workday, you can take advantage of it.

Invitation by Allas Sea Pool

7:30 Morning bliss

Mornings are a time of the day that I have definitely come to cherish. I like to start off every day with a delicious cup of coffee, and a moment of downtime before starting into the day. With the days getting warmer and the sun shining in our faces when we get up, there’s not much that feels nicer than a morning swim. I’ve experienced the morning swim here at Allas also in the middle of winter (I believe it was -21°C and my towel froze), but on a fresh spring day – this is just gold. Today, we met early to enjoy the sun and a dip in the pool.

The view over the harbour is everything, the warm pool is so relaxing and the coffee afterwards is so rewarding. My friend Alex and I took this day to get back into the work-mode after the Easter holiday break, easing into things slowly, but also putting us in the best mindset to get back to work. You can go for a morning swim starting at 6:30 and still be work-ready in time for the office hours to start.

9:00 Out-of-office work moments

I wanted to start things off slowly, the swim set me on the right track to nail my to-do list after a holiday break, and kind of easing back into the regular schedule of the days to come was definitely the way to go. If you have the possibility to move your office for the day out, Allas is a beautiful space to enjoy the freedom of working at your own pace and time. The café is inviting for a cup of coffee after the swim, and a morning snack before we moved upstairs to the restaurant to spend the rest of the day there.

The newly renovated restaurant Allas Wine & Dine on the second floor of the complex is overlooking the harbour and the pools, the closed terrace space (my favourite spot) has the big windows out to the archipelago. For an out-of-office-day, this will be my new spot to go for sure, the bright environment, roomy tables and fast wifi make it a great option for a relaxed day where you also have to get a couple of laptop hours in, with all-wood interior and big windows surrounding your for calmness and inspiration.

12:30 Lunch and a break

The lunch offer changes weekly and always has light and modern dishes with mostly local ingredients, if you’re only dropping by later, all-day salads are also on the menu. We picked the closed terrace area for our lunch break, that kept us warm enough in the light of the sun, even though it was still a bit fresh outside. I spent the rest of the afternoon diving back into…my to-do list (I’d prefer the pool), and definitely achieving the goal of the day to get down to business again after being out of it for so long.

If you feel like another swim in the afternoon, and even a nap, or if you’re the type of person that enjoys a workout class, you can check the schedule for the classes here. I mean, there’s a “Wine & Stretching” class. What more could you ask for.

18:00 Wine-ing down & Dinner with a view

Allas Wine & Dine is the renewed restaurant on the second floor, that is a completely revamped version, with a menu full of delicious Nordic flavours and creations and can make for an absolutely wonderful experience in this unique space. My favourites to start with were the vegan celery tacos (I can’t wait to go back for these!) and the venison tartar, which both made me really happy.For the main course we chose the fish of the day and a slow-cooked beef dish. Fresh and light flavours perfect for a summery day, alongside a glass of a crisp Riesling.

I was really surprised with the value we got for the price of the menu, especially considering the location and the atmosphere of the place. This place is definitely commended if you are looking for a Nordic summery dinner, with a wonderful view, that won’t break the bank. There are not many restaurants that check those boxes – so it is a great option to wind down after a long day, to take family and friends or to just get a glass of wine and celery tacos after work.

I can’t get over the views and the terrace. I’m so glad the city of Helsinki decided that this very spot was the ideal location to open it up to the people, and make this a place to hang out, enjoy life and admire our beautiful city. It’s a truly exceptional location, that is a place for everyone. Especially on the terrace, you feel like you’re in the middle of the harbour (well, you are), with the breeze from the archipelago around your nose, enjoy some fresh food, a great selection of wines. I loved staying here to spend my last day as a 29-year old, before entering a new decade. 


Mon-Thu 06:30-21:00
Fri 06:30-23:00
Sat 09:00-23:00
Sun 09:00-21:00

Ticket sales end 40 min before closing time and swimming time 20 min before closing time.


Mon-Thu 07:00-22:00
Fri 07:00-24:00
Sat 09:00-24:00
Sun 09:00-21:00

Thank you Allas Sea Pool for the invitation to spend the day. It was wonderful – until next time!