Building a career in Finland


Hyvää Yrittäjän päivää! Today is the day of the entrepreneur in Finland and that had me reflect on my almost three years of being self-employed. Running your own business as a foreigner is challenging, there’s no denying that. But I also had to acknowledge, that the last years have been extremely exciting and with many ups and downs, but mainly I have learned a lot. From my peers, from projects and from putting myself out there. Hopefully some of this will be helpful, regardless if you’re looking for a job, planning on or having your own business.

Dinner Date: Fisken på disken


Seafood and fish is a vital part of Finnish food culture, and Fisken på disken brings the best of it to the heart of Helsinki. Along with a bunch of other restaurants, young chefs have set up this modern joint in the new Kortteli court of the Kamppi mall. I do like fish and seafood, yet there aren’t really places I’d call a go-to for anyone craving seafood – so I was so happy to see them arrive and give their menu a go!

City Escape VII: Vallisaari


Only opened in May 2016, Vallisaari is a true treasure right in front of Helsinki’s coastline. The fairly big island was in use under the military until pretty much then, but finally opened up for visitors as well. The island combines history and nature beautifully with stunning views of the city from high above – for me the perfect alternative day trip for those seeking to avoid the crowds heading out to Suomenlinna in the summer, the season ends in late September.