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Helsinki: Best places to get some work done (Part 1)


Freelancers, students, visitors who need to get down to business: this post is for you. I enjoy my home office but on days where I really need to get things done it’s the safer option for me to be away from my sofa and fridge. Here’s my part one of the best cafés and workplaces in Helsinki. Criteria? Mainly coffee and wifi.

Dinner Date: #HelsinkiSecret & Heleats


Have you considered casual fine dining at home yet? If not, let yourself be inspired by this delicious menu created by Heleats, that you can have prepared for you right at home, if you want. New Nordic Cuisine is constantly evolving and rediscovering itself in all kinds of magical ways. Are you hungry yet?

Dinner Date: Baskeri ja Basso


In a rather unexpected setting, somewhere in the end of Eira, you’ll find a gem of a neighbourhood restaurant that makes Helsinkis food and restaurant scene so distinct and exciting. Fine dining in casual atmosphere, delicious wines and food – this is a prime example of what makes the Finnish food scene so exciting and interesting.