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Dinner Date & Staycation: Lapland Hotel Bulevardi

Helsinki has a bunch of really special hotels, and the newest addition to those is the Lapland Hotel Bulevardi that just opened in early 2019 – and it brings, as the same says, a piece of Finnish Lapland to the Capital. Using the heritage of the North to create a unique design experience is really quite the undertaking, and they succeeded magnificently. The care for detail prevails and it really is not just staying over at a hotel to have a place to stay, but a way to get a glimpse into Sami culture, in a way that feels natural and not kitschy at all.

Dinner Date: Pobre Filipino

I have to admit that I didn’t have a clear idea of Filipino food, I’ve tasted it before but I knew very little about it. Pobre is the only full-service Filipino restaurant in Helsinki, and it is part of the Kampin Korttelit restaurant floor. They recently invited me and my dear friend Alex to taste our way through their menu to share their love for food and Filipino culture. And oh boy was it a food fest!

Dinner Date: Restaurant Ultima – this is hyperlocal

Helsinki’s food scene surprises me again and again, Ultima being one of the newest additions. A microlocal restaurant with a fine dining experience, that’s just something completely different. What does that even mean? Well, locally sourced products are a staple of many restaurants as it’s a philosophy that’s deeply rooted with Finnish restauranteurs. Microlocal essentially means, that 90% of the products used are brought in from less than a 100km radius – with some even grown inside the very restaurant location. With climate change impacting the agricultural sector, it lies upon us, says Henri, to think of alternate ways to source food, as sustainably and organically as possible. 

Dinner Date: Bar Cón

Kortteli in Kamppi recently opened with a bunch of great new restaurants, and I’m still on my way to taste every single one of…

Dinner Date: Fisken på disken

Seafood and fish is a vital part of Finnish food culture, and Fisken på disken brings the best of it to the heart of Helsinki. Along with a bunch of other restaurants, young chefs have set up this modern joint in the new Kortteli court of the Kamppi mall. I do like fish and seafood, yet there aren’t really places I’d call a go-to for anyone craving seafood – so I was so happy to see them arrive and give their menu a go!

Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

Huber lies in the heart of Tampere and attracts mainly meat lovers – even more intriguing to see how they would cater for my vegetarian dinner companion! As one of the very few restaurants in all of Finland, Huber offer dry aged meat for their guests, and put a focus on really high quality meat dishes, Finnish ingredients and also the service. Read all about a wonderful Dinner Date!

Dinner Date: Juuri

This Dinner Date post is actually the result of a lunch visit, but that’s okay. This time, I’m taking you to one of the most established places in Helsinki, Juuri. It took me a while to finally fully experience what they have to offer, and I hope this posts will inspire you to not wait as long as I did! Traditional Finnish dishes with a twist and a fresh interpretation, great service and casual atmosphere. I’ll be back soon.