Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

Tampere is destination that I would recommend to both design fans and food lovers, because both these aspects really surprised me on my recent trip. But as Finland’s second largest urban area, I really shouldn’t wonder about this developing foodie scene. Ravinteli Huber lies in the heart of Tampere and attracts mainly meat lovers – even more intriguing to see how they would cater for my vegetarian dinner companion! As one of the very few restaurants in all of Finland, Huber offer dry aged meat for their guests, and put a focus on really high quality meat dishes, Finnish ingredients and also the service. We were especially impressed by the friendly waiter who took great care of us and also managed to accommodate all our wishes and requests with absolute ease.



The design of the place is industrial-nordic, concrete pillars, a concrete ceiling, the open gallery that makes the second floor of the restaurant, gives it an open vibe, yet with smart lighting the place doesn’t feel cold but cozy and comfortable. The huge window front helps too!

To my delight we got started with a proper Kir Royale, which back home in Luxembourg is a go-to drink for me, up here in the North it’s a rare treat. As we got an introduction to the menu, it shows nicely how Huber wants to encourage the concept of sharing, by offering the meat by the kilo price, along with a wide variety of side dishes, that are intended to be for the whole table.

We got started with marinated beet root and a goat cheese creme, and while I am often sceptical when it comes to beetroot, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. Nicely complemented by the goat cheese creme which was a perfect contrast to the texture. Also on the list is a beef tartare, which I definitely need to try the next time – as it is another one of those home things that I never really get in Finland.


As for the main course, we were surprised by a wide selection of different sides, while I opted for the prime rib steak and the vegetarian option was a massive baked celeriac, which impressed both of us! Having expected a small breaded slice of celery, this was a positive difference. As the whiff from the charcoal grill already predicted, the meat was cooked to absolute perfection and it clearly shows that the guys in the kitchen know what they’re doing. Tender and flavourful, with only basic seasoning, the taste of the meat was underlined with the slight crisp charcoal lining.


Along with some of the best fries I had in Finland (although according to the Belgian in my life, double fried is the way to go, no need for triple), great sauces for the steak such as bernaise and pepper, along with a caper mayonnaise that matched the fries just how I like it. The cauliflower with almonds was my favourite of the sides, although also the “shrooms” and apple lived up to my high expectations as well, especially in combination with the pepper sauce. In comparison to all this, the pickled vegetables seemed rather generic, so I would probably opt for the potato puree with bone marrow next time – much more exciting!


Having skipped on the wine offer during the main course, we decided to finish off the evening with a cocktail along our dessert instead. Also here, the alcohol-free version could easily keep up with my Basil sour, that was just the refreshing ending to our evening. The Nutella brownie dessert however, this left both of us speechless with wide open eyes for a minute, because this was incredible. If you have to decide on starter or dessert – go for this one – and be amazed.

Again, a special shoutout to the service, thank you for making this evening extra nice! Huber is a great local Tampere pick for a cozy, tasty and relaxed evening. In the end we spent over 2,5 hours at the restaurant, the timing between the courses was well put, wishes were accommodated quickly and we just felt very comfortable. Also: this was A LOT of food. Portions are surprisingly huge and I hadn’t felt this full and satisfied in a way. Even though this is mainly a meat restaurant, also vegetarian and even vegan options are available from the menu. 


Thank you to Visit Tampere and Ravinteli Huber for the wonderful evening.

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