Dinner Date: Kaskis in Turku

I can already reveal the mystery of what you’ve all been asking yourself: damn, this was out of this world!

Kaskis is listed as one of the absolute top restaurants in Finland, and I’m pretty happy that just until a few hours before the visit, I had no idea I’d be going there for an actual dinner (otherwise I had been super nervous and annoying other people about this for days before). I had tried some of their signature dishes at Taste of Helsinki 2015 – so I was swooning over this. 


Topi Pekkanen was our host for the evening. He is one of the owners of Kaskis, which received a Michelin recommendation and was featured in the 2016 Michelin Guide – for good reasons. The former Finnish Capital is slowly working on its food scene, with new stars emerging – and Kaskis being right there on the top. And for a reason: we were treated to one of the most magnificent evenings in Kathrin-history, that even made a Vegetarian forget her principles just for a bite of the most amazing reindeer.

Generally, my Taste of Helsinki experiences are pretty much the reason for why and how I turned into the foodie that I am today, so in a way, Kaskis has been with me for a while already.

We started off with a celeriac soup with some estragon oil – I’m not going to say much more and just refer you to my short of the live test from Snapchat.

Despite not really being a fan of peanut-based sauces, the fried pike-perch in satay saucy that was served as (the first) main course, was very enjoyable. I probably wouldn’t have ordered this myself given a choice, but this is exactly how you are surprised sometimes. The wine pairings for the evening were absolutely exquisite, especially the German Riesling that was recommended is something I could definitely have a couple of bottles at home of.

The reindeer which was the second main course. Yes. I’m struggling to find words to describe how divine this was. Rarely in my life have I seen a group of people in such awe over food, and sadly I also don’t feel like the photos do it justice. It was served with some kale and creamy potatoes, and even before I started eating I knew I was going to be really sad when it was over. Absolutely beautiful, tender and full of flavour, this is definitely something you’d have to try to believe it.

The dessert was also something the whole table got loudly excited about (could have also been the wine), but then again, who wouldn’t get excited about SNICKERS SOUP? Especially in addition to mint ice-cream and different chocolate goodness. Again, the composition of this dessert was nothing less of fantastic and a dreamy ending to this ultimately perfect evening.



Thank you SO much to Visit Turku for this amazing evening. My mind is blown and my tummy happy. As usual, my opinions and experiences are my own.



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