Dreamy trip in Finnish Lakeland: Exploring Saimaa by bike


For most of the last years, I did a bigger bike tour through the archipelago of Western Finland or the Åland Islands, only last year for some reason it didn’t happen (it was probably too hot). Travelling by bike is magical, it gives me such a feeling of freedom and forces me to think simply as well. This year, I didn’t want to let that chance pass by, especially since I had a serious case of FOMO last summer when I saw friends travelling through what is the sheer stunning beauty of Finnish summer. So, my research brought me to the archipelago trail of the Finnish Lakeland, around Puumala. I have been to that area before, but admittedly, it’s been a couple of years, so it felt right to go back. 

Quick Guide to a culinary trip to TURKU!


Turku is one of the places I have actually been to the most, but I never got around to really write about it! It’s such a lovely city and I’m always super delighted to be back, hang out by the river, do some shopping and enjoy the great food over there – which was also eventually my focus of the latest trip. Wanna know more?

Building a career in Finland


Hyvää Yrittäjän päivää! Today is the day of the entrepreneur in Finland and that had me reflect on my almost three years of being self-employed. Running your own business as a foreigner is challenging, there’s no denying that. But I also had to acknowledge, that the last years have been extremely exciting and with many ups and downs, but mainly I have learned a lot. From my peers, from projects and from putting myself out there. Hopefully some of this will be helpful, regardless if you’re looking for a job, planning on or having your own business.