Don’t we all love ourselves a good pizza? The ultimate deliciousness and comfort food, thick or thin crust, do you prefer a juicy tomato base or a Pizza Bianca? While I personally am still on the hunt for the best Capricciosa (my ultimate favourite – cooked ham, artichoke and mushrooms) the offer for amazing pizza is not short here in Helsinki. The city has been stepping up its pizza game big time in the last years, and it’s pretty much just down to personal preference. Here are mine (edited 02/2020):

Capperi What started as a neighbourhood gem all the way out in Oulunkylä, turned out to be the best pizza in the city for me! Not only do they have a Capricciosa to die for, by now you can also get them in the city center and in Tripla in Pasila. The base is just perfectly fluffy and just the right amount of chewy, it’s perfectly baked with a rich sauce and a great selection of traditional toppings. Plus, it’s made by spicy Italians and you can totally taste that with every bite.

Rikhardinkatu 2, Siltavoudintie 9 & Fredikanterassi 1 (3rd floor)

Guido’s Pizza Alchemista – now I’m happy that I have friends who love pizza but also live out in Espoo, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have ever found this place. The most inconspicuous location next to a sandwich place and kind of food-courty vibes, Guido’s pizzeria is probably the biggest surprise yet. The pizza was just perfect, and it made a cool casual date night. Also, their tiramisu is great.

Heikinkuja 2

Via Tribunali Oh the deliciousness! A modern classic here in Helsinki – they were the first-ever pizzeria in Finland to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana – so there’s proof that this is the real deal. Thick and flavourful base, traditional toppings – what more does your heart desire? No table reservations, so be prepared to wait for a bit as this place is wildly popular.

Sofiankatu 4

Pizzeria Luca these guys finally made the move to Helsinki Lauttasaari, originating from Tampere. Some of the best pizza in town for sure, and it’s been awarded just that as well. The location seems a bit out of the way but it’s easily accessible by metro.

Lauttasaarentie 28

Daddy Green’s Pizzabar A neighbourhood favourite that brings a cozy yet urban feel to the Töölö district, and a second location in the city center – and easily one of the best pizza bases you can find in Helsinki. Selection of toppings is not so much traditional but more modern, which makes it a great combination. Vegans and vegetarians have some nice options here – my favourite was the one with spicy pepperoni salami and caramelised onions! Hats off to the guys running this place. This is the kind of spots that Helsinki needs, and especially to wake good old Töölö up a bit. All the love!

Humalistonkatu 3 / Iso Roobertinkatu 26

SkifferSkiffers amazingness is an open secret. Because Skiffers pizza is arguably not really pizza but liuska. The name comes from the island Liuskaluoto where the original Skiffer restaurant was born. In the middle oft he southern Helsinki harbour, attached to a boat gas station, Skiffer is the best place for summer vibes. But worry not, Skiffer has branched out to more winter compatible locations as well, such as Skiffer Erottaja and The Old Skiffer in Viiskulma. The liuska are oval-shaped and topped with delicious things such as crayfish and chorizo or smoked salmon and poached egg (menu changes though!).

Erottajankatu 11 & Laivurinkatu 10 & Liuskaluoto

Vaccothe up and coming neighbourhood of Jätkäsaari is the place I call home in Helsinki, so when Vacco opened their doors, I was really hopeful. There are few, but all pretty great, restaurants in the area, but we were missing a decent pizza place. And we weren’t disappointed: Vacco is the place that we will most likely go to for a pizza instead of ordering one – because it’s so close and a great addition to the neighbourhood. Thick and tasty base, interesting selection of pizze and nice staff.

Yrjönkatu 18

Alfons’Another neighbourhood gem and even though I’d label it a favourite, I don’t get around here often enough! The Eira area is one of my favourite areas for its architecture and cozy, Finnish-feeling warmth. Shops and restaurants are small and comfortable and the pizza really stands out from many. Their organic artisan pizzas are made of with “carefully double fermented combination of local organic spelt grain flour, pure Italian olive oil and our beloved sourdough” (I had to quote that!) and you taste the love and effort that goes into preparation. The place and oven are tiny, so bring some time with you for your visit. Make sure to come here hungry so there’s space for a delicious dessert as well.

Vuorimiehenkatu 35

Find Helsinki’s best pizza places on the map!

Worth of mention

Putte’s Kalevankatu 6

BastardoUrho Kekkosen katu 1 (Kamppi, 5th floor)

PjazzaYrjönkatu 18 B 

Carusel Merisatamanranta 10


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