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The perfect evening routine for the best nights sleep – at Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

For International Sleeping Day, we spent a night at Sokos Hotel Flamingo to experience the perfect night of sleep! Sleep is so important, and while many of us are home at the moment, it is a great moment to challenge your sleeping patterns and figure out the perfect evening and sleeping routine. And then reward yourself with a fancy hotel night away, when things are back to normal – and have the best sleep ever.

Hotel Marski by Scandic – experience #Finnfulness in Helsinki

Marski by Scandic is my parents’ favourite hotel, for several seasons. It’s right opposite of Stockmann, so a great central location, the tram to our apartment leaves in front of the door and there is a taxi line during the nights, so my mum has great entertainment when she can’t sleep. But over the years, it really needed an overhaul, and it finally got it – and is now the first Scandic Signature Hotel in Helsinki. Marski now fully embraces all the oddities, phrases and curious facts about the Finns that resounded throughout the land. 

Dinner Date & Staycation: Lapland Hotel Bulevardi

Helsinki has a bunch of really special hotels, and the newest addition to those is the Lapland Hotel Bulevardi that just opened in early 2019 – and it brings, as the same says, a piece of Finnish Lapland to the Capital. Using the heritage of the North to create a unique design experience is really quite the undertaking, and they succeeded magnificently. The care for detail prevails and it really is not just staying over at a hotel to have a place to stay, but a way to get a glimpse into Sami culture, in a way that feels natural and not kitschy at all.

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna: Time Travel in Helsinki

Where one should stay when in Helsinki is probably one of my most-asked questions. I have family coming over, one of them being a history teacher – so I wanted to recommend a place that has a story to tell. There are countless possibilities and places, kinds of accommodation, and what kind of place feels best is something so subjective. What’s undeniable though is that there are not all that many places that have a lot of character to them, hotels can often be generic and pragmatic, but often lack charm and uniqueness – but the Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is different. Opened in the 50s for the Olympic Games in Helsinki, it still managed to retain the vibes from the era, even after the extensive renovations they just concluded. 

Kemi: Olokolo or the Snowhotel?

Kemi up in Lapland, right at the Gulf of Bothnia, is a place of magic: it’s home to the Snow Castle – yes, a castle and hotel completely built of snow and ice. Also, have you heard of the Olokolo?

A Guide to Tampere – for Food & Design lovers

Tampere is a city that completely surprised me. Despite being the second largest city in Finland, I hadn’t really been here except for a transfer to the nearby airport, but other than that, I had no idea of what to expect of this little weekend trip. The city welcomed us with a quirky vibe of the local art and design scene, and a fantastic selection of restaurants and food options. Since we weather wasn’t really on our side, that is exactly what we resorted out to. Part One of this little city guide – where to stay, what to eat, what to expect.

The Best Staycations in Helsinki for 2021

The concept of Staycations is one of my favourites, I’ve always believed in the idea of experiencing your own city as a tourist every now and again, and keep your eyes open for things that might pass you by in your day-to-day life! Helsinki is a lovely city for a Staycation, with beautiful hotel properties for everyone’s taste, vacation style and budget!