I only started to really like Christmas when I moved away from Luxembourg and home, curiously. My parents always loved to travel and the Christmas holidays during my schoolyears were amongst the longest ones, so we spent many years somewhere on vacation. Christmas never had a particular meaning to me until I realised: this is really the only time of the year when everyone from back in the day unites again. 

Ever since I realised it, I also embraced what comes along with Christmas: the food, the spirit, the lights. Most of all, the lights. In dark, dark winter, there’s nothing more soothing and beautiful than a lit up street, a string light in the window or a bunch of candles next to you. 

The other day I was happily browsing around the Helsinki Senate Square market when I overheard a German couple complaining about how lame and boring this market was. I can guarantee you, they only said this because there is no Glühwein on Finnish Christmas markets. For some odd reason, this stupid statement actually got me a bit upset, so I decided to show off how and why this market is beautiful and unique in its very own way, with its handicraft, the unique food, the smiling vendors who come from all over the place to share their work.

Unfortunately it looks like a rather…mediocre winter again, so we need to soak in all the light and joy we get from whatever makes us happy. In my case, mainly apple glögi, candles and the excuse to eat all the time because it’s cold and you want to be cozy.

Merry Christmas you all! What are your plans? I will be heading home to Luxembourg for a week only so there I shall get my share of Glühwein, Grompere Kichelcher and Mettwurscht.

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