It’s finally time for inspiration and long awaited and necessary summer content.

Kivinokka is a nature area East of Helsinki, like most of my city escapes really easy to get to, so there’s no excuse for not going again. There’s a full nature trail around the area, I hope the map is helping anyone if you’re out for bird (or squirrel) spotting! From the amounts of bushes around this seems to be quite a promising location to pick blueberries and stock up. The first little ones were already there, so mark your calendars for blueberry season 2015!

So the current major part of my job is showing people my beloved Helsinki, so being out in the city by foot or by bike is what I do pretty much daily these days. As a result of that, my energy levels are pretty much saying “screw you!” when my heart longs for nature, bike rides, long walks and forest – during my spare time. But after the long break of creativity and abstinence from the smell of Finnish forests and the liberating feeling of walking in the woods, breathing the fresh air and dipping my feet in the sea, it was time to get out there again. I’ve also really felt how both go together, my head clears up and I leave thoughts behind. When I’m out in the spring green, my brain turns off and I have the mindspace to actually do something else but work. Yes, I’ve reached that point lately! The weather wasn’t exactly on our side, so soon we shall be back for the full trail and blueberries.

Take the metro to Kulosaari (about 15 minutes from the Central Railwaystation) and follow Kulosaaren puistotie until you see these signs. Then follow those. It’s that easy.

Head over to the Visit Helsinki blog where you’ll soon find a blog post from my summer visit of Kruunuvuori, Helsinki Ghost Town, or check out the post from when I had been there last time – in scary autumn. Keeping up with my adventures and non-adventures is easiest on Instagram!

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