Not only is Christmas around the corner, but if you happen to be on the lookout for a Finnish present for someone – this post is for you. I like to gift people with items they will connect with or that make them think of me (hopefully) in the future. Amongst Finnish (design) brands there is such a wonderful variety of ideas and things, that will make the choice harder for you! I personally both like to give and receive gifts that I can actually use, that I will enjoy in my everyday life. Here’s my picks:


Gift ideas from Finland


Jewellery | I actually found these rings at this years’ Design market from Lillan Helsinki, and I couldn’t resist the simple and beautiful minimalistic silver rings. I’m mostly a ring person, although I lose them a lot. As I did lose the little one from these, but I will definitely pick up a new one soon.

Costo hats | These guys ain’t new on the block, Costo has been around for many years. Their hats and other items are made from recycled material only, or things such as fabric cuts. Besides their philosophy, I also just love their items. I am proud owner of two merino wool beanies and a Kombai hat, and even though I don’t feel like I’m much of a hat-person, I wear it a lot. Also, interchangeable bobbles!!

Fancy Finnish Gin | The famous Napue gin from the Kyrö Distillery was voted the best Gin for G&T in 2015, and for a reason. Once you tried this, you will never go back. Alternatively you can check out the local Gin from the Helsinki Distilling Company, or keep an eye out for the super fancy looking Kalevala Gin I found recently, but haven’t tried yet. Napue is typically served with cranberries and rosemary, so adding some of those to your gift makes it personal, creative and also, well, complete.

Gloves and reflectors | Okay okay, this was hands-down one of the best gifts I ever got, and they are the greeting-gloves by Moiko. They make them in all kinds of different variations and languages, they are also cozy and warm and I don’t ever wanna take them off. They also have greeting reflectors which are greato.

Mugs and ceramics | You can’t ever go wrong with a good old Muumin mug, especially if you manage to find the current seasonal mug that’s out there. It’s such a genuine Finnish gift, I honestly don’t know any Finn who doesn’t own one. Safe bet. If your friend already has em all, check out the local markets or check out Piret Kändler for hand-painted, adorable ceramics.

Vallila anything | I’m not really into patterns, but I’m a total Vallilla victim. Unfortunately they collaborate with everyone around which is dangerous for my wallet but it makes me happy. I love their bedlinen, so if you happen to know what size of duvet you need, this is a great gift. I love their Helsinki collection, like the one with the Sibelius monument that’s pictures above.

Subscriptions | (not pictured) Along with two friends, each week I get a delivery of fresh eggs from a farm in Lassila. Oma maa also offers satokassit, food bags that are filled with fresh veggies, flours, bread and other delicious things, that you can pick up once a week. For a single household maybe a bit too much, but great for couples and families. How about you give away a three-month bag delivery for Christmas? Either just for your friend or you take one half. Anton & Anton also offers vegekassit (for 2 or 4 people), where fresh veggies come to your home.

Lumene VALO arctic berry skin serum | This is my absolute secret weapon, especially during the winter (but basically just always). This serum is pretty oily and nourishing, and something that’s great after a hot shower in the evening to soothe dry skin. It smells like a holiday, after I received it to test from Lumene many years ago, I have not only re-purchased it countless times, but I also give it as a present to many ladies in my life, and they are just as impressed by it.

Wooden sunglasses | I love my Pöllöt wooden sunglasses TO DEATH, I also lost them in the forest (good luck trying to find wooden sunnies in the woods…they went back to their own), and still during the same week I had to get a new pair. It hurt my wallet but my soul was happy. These unique pieces and light on your nose, they float in water but mainly they are just such a cool statement piece. If you have a bigger occasion coming up and you have a bit of a budget available, these are a great fit. Literally, they work on every face. Other popular Finnish brands for these are Aarni (a bit more affordable these days, and they also have fancy watches) and Woobs (who also have other nice things).

Baaags My friend gave me a lovely Helsinki bag as a gift some time ago and I use it all the time! The Helsinki Collection from Uuniikki is so so nice, and a pretty, useful and tasteful gift for any Helsinkilover. Kuviokioski has super nice ones as well, I already got a few of those to give away this year myself!

Where to shop offline in Helsinki:

TRE (also their Christmas market, currently, on Aleksanterinkatu) – Mikonkatu
Cilla’s – Lönnrotinkatu 39

What other ideas do you have?

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