Here’s a super useful guide to phone apps for everyone living or visiting Helsinki and Finland! There are many great services that make your life easier, help you get around, be inspired or entertained.

Food & Restaurants


Buy surplus food directly from restaurants or grocery stores. These are often leftovers from the lunch menu, or items that are about to expire – but you can get incredible deals. I recommend starring your favourite restaurants and leave notification on because portions go fast.

Apple / Android


The best food and meal delivery service in the city! Wolt has the majority of the best restaurants using their platform, you can get anything from fast food to fine dining delivered to your door. Nowadays they also have their own grocery market, and things like flowers, homeware and all kinds of things on offer. Lovely customer experience and service.

Apple / Android


Find great restaurant deals and read local food stories on the Snappmeal app.

Apple / Android


“Syö-viikot” (“Eat weeks”) take place a couple of times a year, when participating restaurants offer great deals on selected menu items. The app gives you a good overview.



New app to give coffee lovers exclusive member benefits (such as filter coffee as part of the offer from participating cafés).

Apple / Android


Mobile Pay

The most popular service for sending money (I guess an equivalent is Venmo), fast reliable and most widely used. Also often accepted at places like flea markets, but also many online shops accept Mobile Pay as a payment option.

Apple / Android


A similar service for quick money transfers.

Apple / Android

Otto Finland

Need to find an ATM? This is the app for you.

Apple / Android

Weather & Forecasts


The Finnish Meteorological Institute (Ilmatieteen laitos) is my personal preferred weather app for the local forecast.

Apple / Android


Also a popular weather app.

Apple / Android

My Aurora Forecast

A well-known and widely used app to track and forecast the Northern Lights.

Apple / Android


Another useful app if you’re on the mission to hunt Northern Lights.

Apple / Android



K-Groups app for sorting your grocery lists, placing shopping orders and getting food inspiration.

Apple / Android


The shopping list app from S-Group and markets services

Apple / Android


My favourite app for second hand clothes and accessories shopping. Useful filters, good user experience and if you are looking for something specific, this is a good place to look.

Apple / Android


The most-used marketplace app for selling and buying anything used, from furniture to clothing to everything else. It’s excellent.

Apple / Android


Another popular app for selling and buying used clothing.

Apple / Android



Duolingo famously released their Finnish language course in 2020 after it was their main requested language to add. It’s entertaining and cute, and will get you used to Finnish.

Apple / Android

Google Translate

Now take anything Google Translate says or does when it comes to Finnish with a grain of salt, but it is extremely handy for quick translations on hand.

Apple / Android

Travel & Public Transport


The official app from the local public transport in Helsinki. Great for planning trips and buying tickets.

Apple / Android


A collective of services from the Helsinki public transport, to taxis, to rental cars. Any transportation in the city is compiled in this app and it is extremely useful and easy to use. My recommendation.

Apple / Android


The Helsinki City Bikes have been a popular addition to the cities’ public transport offer, and you can find all locations and their bike availability in this app. You however still need to get your pass through the citybikes website or Whim.

Apple / Android


If you’re into trams and live near a tram stop, you might find this app useful. It tracks all live movements from trams in Helsinki. It’s not free, but a welcome gimick for those who enjoy it.

Apple / Android


In my opinion the most reliable taxi service in Helsinki, if you’re not using Whim for it.

Apple / Android


Local parking lots and payment for it all nicely in one app. The most widely used local app for this.

Apple / Android


Another service for anything parking your car needs.

Apple / Android


Tier is one of the most widely used and available e-scooter service in Helsinki and has the most generous parking zones.

Apple / Android


Another well-used service for e-scooters.

Apple / Android

VR Matkalla

Official app of the Finnish train service. Plan and book trips easily in-app.

Apple / Android


Great app and service for taxi boats on-call that take you to a bunch of different islands in Southern Helsinki. Payment in-app or on the boat. Highly recommended.

Apple / Android

Health & Beauty

112 Suomi

I don’t know why not every country has this, but the 112 app is the emergency app we all need. It can find your location if there’s an emergency, and you can easily check for symptoms (eg. if there’s a suspected stroke) and you get information on other support services. A must-download for anyone on any device.

Apple / Android


The Finnish tracking app for the coronavirus.

Apple / Android


The best app service to book health and beauty appointments directly, select your treatment, time and pick the best from the map or list. Best.

Apple / Android



Get your museum card in-app, with access to the majority of museums in all of Finland. Learn about current exhibitions and find something for everyone.

Apple / Android


The library in your pocket app is the service from the HelMet network, which allows you to find books and other items, renew loans, place holds and much more.

Apple / Android


This library app is the extension for e-books and audiobooks, which you can also use with your HelMet library card. So great!

Apple / Android


Great app to find hiking trails, bike routes, winter sports and much more in your area, and log your activities as well.

Apple / Android


The AirBnb for boats is great for locals who don’t want to buy a boat, but would like to use one every now and again. Unfortunately only available in Finnish.

Apple / Android


Find ideas for day trips, get on a guided audio walking tour or discover fun things to do.

Apple / Android

Suomen Linnut

If you’re into bird spotting, this is the app for you, it helps you identify local birds.

Apple / Android


Recommended app to use for foraging plants and herbs. Always verify any edible plants with a professional if you are not sure.

Apple / Android

Mushroom identifier

Great app to help you identify mushrooms. Be careful however, and don’t rely on the app alone. Ask professionals for help with this, picking the wrong mushrooms can be dangerous.

Apple / Android


Carbon Donut

Track your carbon footprint and get ideas and recommendations to live more sustainably. Beautiful app that’s encouraging you to do better, not pointing any fingers. Highly recommend.

Apple / Android


First Vet

If you need a quick consultation or if you want a second opinion concerning your pets health, First Vet is great. Get on a video call with a vet and ask all your questions and get a quick diagnosis.

Apple / Android


Find your nearest dog park with this app!


Others (Jobs, Official stuff, Apartment hunt)


This is an interactive app to find a job. Set up your profile and get recommended positions straight in the app.

Apple / Android

This is the official messaging app that gets you connected with the local administration and public sector information.

Apple / Android


Looking for a new apartment or house? This is my favourite app to use and browse for new places. Also great if you’re looking for a summer cabin.

Apple / Android


The local post office app, great to track packages and send them, you can also receive some invoices (like your electricity bill) directly in the app. Great UX, too!

Apple / Android

Did I miss anything? Share in a comment!

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