Winter activities in the Helsinki region

Finnish winters are a beautiful time of year, and even in Helsinki with lots of snow, everything feels brighter – and super cold days usually go along with bright sunny winter days that are perfect for some outdoor activities! Here are some ideas and info for you!

Cross-country skiing

If you want to try out cross-country skiing, I recommend renting a set of skis and give it a go! You can get a long way with basic instructions. It’s a beautiful way to experience nature and the outdoors, movement that keeps you warm and fresh.

Paloheinä: one of the most well-known spots to go cross-country skiing, with the rental service from Suomen Latu available! Tracks for all levels take you through the forest. Renting a ski-set (shoes, skis, poles) for 3 hours costs 24€. You can get there easily by bus from the railway station.

Oittaa: my personal favourite place is out by Lake Bodom in Espoo. Easiest to get to by car, but public transport is possible as well. Several trails through the forest, there’s also a restaurant to warm up afterwards. Also very nice is the Pirttimäki café a bit further up the street. 30€ for 3 hours to rent the ski set.

Equipment rental: You can rent skis from Liizi if you want to try it anywhere around Helsinki, independently of locations that have rental shops.

Find out more Skiing tracks in Helsinki here.
Check out the outdoor sport track map here.


One of my favourite winter activities in Helsinki! Skates can be found easily second hand if you just want to give it a go, or rent them at a couple of different rinks. My favourite places to skate are the following:

Brahenkenttä: rental available, a large ice rink and good hot chocolate afterwards. Check for the opening hours carefully!

Jätkäsaari sports rink: beautiful and new, this large ice field is one of my favourites because it’s close to my home – but easy to get to from the city center by trams 7 and 6T (and 9). No rental available.

Find all ice-skating rinks in Helsinki here

Natural ice and tour skating

Natural ice skating in Munkkiniemi

Skating on natural ice on the sea or lakes is one of the most beautiful places to skate, but there are things to consider:

First rule: be extremely careful whenever you go on the ice. Make sure to never go on natural ice on lakes or the sea by yourself and check the ice map here.

Equipment: you can rent tour skating equipment from Liizi as well. Tour skates are longer and made for uneven ice.


Having evolved from simple need of problem-solving to a leisure winter activity is walking on snowshoes. What used to look like having Tennis rackets on your feet are now modern snowshoes – their wider area prevents your from sinking into deep snow, making it easier to move and keeping for feet dry. It seems like you need a technique for it or something – but if you can walk, you can snowshoe. The shape of them makes it easy so move normally. It’s really fun to explore the forest in winter and find great photo opportunities!

Book your snowshoe tours with Feel the Nature in Nuuksio National park, Natura Viva in Vuosaari.

Some general tips for beginners

  • don’t wear a long coat but a shorter jacket which helps with freedom of movement
  • make sure to protect your hands and ears well!
  • bring a thermos with hot tea, coffee or the classic hot chocolate – there’s nothing better to reward yourself afterwards!
  • wear sunscreen and protect your skin from the elements with a wax- or oil-based creme.

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