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Food & Restaurant Photography

For an inquiry of restaurant, food or event photography, send an email to kathrin(a)! Previous clients include Raflaamo & Sokos Hotels, Paisano, Petiscaria and…

20 things for Finland in 2020

After all these years in Finland, there are still some things that I always wanted to do and that just haven’t happened. I feel like 2019 was a pretty lazy year in that regard to it’s time to step it up! Maybe you find some inspiration in here as well, for trips, things to do, stuff to see and more.

Magic Mocktails at American Bar Torni

Often, if you ask for a mocktail at a bar, you get two boxed juices put together, add a bit of lemon and a fancy straw and they be done with it. Which is a shame, because with fresh herbs, juices and fruit, creating a delicious alternative to a traditional cocktail, isn’t that hard. And you don’t necessarily always feel like drinking water or a grossly sweet soft drink when you’re out with friends – no matter if you generally drink or not. At the very much underrated American Bar in the Torni hotel, you can not only order fresh and seasonal mocktails – I was invited to join a small group to try their alcohol-free options and learn how to recreate them at home. 

Quick Guide to a culinary trip to TURKU!

Turku is one of the places I have actually been to the most, but I never got around to really write about it! It’s such a lovely city and I’m always super delighted to be back, hang out by the river, do some shopping and enjoy the great food over there – which was also eventually my focus of the latest trip. Wanna know more?