Surviving November in Finland – Health & Well-being Check-in

The month that many dread is in full swing. I shared before, that I have made November my health and care month for myself – and I wanted to talk about that a bit more. Why? Because it’s a good time of the year to give yourself some extra attention, for both body and mind. Because surviving November in Finland is the hardest for many. The darkness can be heavy (especially with the silly daylight saving coming in), the weather is wet and grim and it is heavy on the mood. Here are a couple of things that I always do:

How to survive November in Finland:

CATCH UP WITH OLD FRIENDS – we all have those people we dearly love, but sometimes we lose contact or we just naturally fade apart a little bit – but then when you chat with them again even after a long time, it feels like no time has passed. This is a double win because you get to have that lovely feeling of reconnecting with someone, and you make the other person super happy for getting in touch. Keeping in touch with loved ones – a secret ingredient to surviving November in Finland!

SCHEDULE A DENTAL CHECKUP & CLEANING – teeth are important, and especially here in Finland, I feel like dental health isn’t the top priority for many. Check-ups are sporadic and especially not after COVID, there is a huge backlog in appointments that didn’t happen during lock-down. A private dental checkup and a visit to the dental hygienist at places like Mehiläinen or Oral doesn’t cost the world, and it is well worth the investment to make sure things are ok or taken care of early. I do this every year and thankfully I haven’t ever had any issues. Plus: that feel after a dental clean is just

GET A BLOOD TEST DONE – while we may feel healthy and fit, a simple blood test can give so much insight and evidence over how we’re really doing. Nightingale Health is a service that gives you detailed health insights from a small blood sample, outlining key health parameters and indicators, all visually appealing in their own app, like your blood sugar and diabetes risk, as well as heart age, cholesterol and more. They come with easy to follow tips on how to improve and it’s just overall a great service to get some details on how you’re doing – because your blood tells a lot, and not every health issue has any symptoms coming with it. You can book a blood draw and get your result within two days.

BOOK A MASSAGE OR A PEDICURE – for me personally, a pedicure is the ultimate luxury and there is no treatment I enjoy more, especially because I’m not the best at foot care in general. Although, a massage after a couple of stressful weeks can be absolutely wonderful. Treat yourself to the thing that you enjoy the most! I usually book my visits through Timma.

CHECK IN WITH A THERAPIST – our mental health is so important, and yet it’s not a priority for many. I’ve been trying to advocate to normalise the conversations around mental health for a while, and it’s a topic that’s very close to my heart as I’ve increasingly struggled with anxiety for the last two years. Therapy can be pricy and difficult to access. If you have the possibility, booking a private session with a therapist to check in on things that are on my mind are a great way to get an idea if there is something that would be worth looking into with more detail and care.

DINNER DATE DELIGHT – I love food and going out to eat is a passion of mine, and helps greatly with suriving November in Finland – as it is a great month to put on your fancy boots and treat yourself to a little dinner feast, maybe a glass of wine or a cocktail. Sometimes it doesn’t need a special occasion. Sometimes you ARE the special occasion. My recommendations to try (that I love or that I have on my list): Albina & Alexis, Nolla, Lucy in the Sky, Bardot, Boon Nam

UP YOUR SKINCARE – looking after our skin is also super important, and with temperatures dropping and wind getting harsher, this is even more essential to surviving November in Finland. My top tips: use a face oil to protect your skin against the elements. I’ve been using the Lumene Arctic Berry Oil-Cocktail for years and I love it! And: SPF every day! Yes, even in the winter. It’s imperative for the skin of your health, and the radiation from the sun does not care about the time of year or temperature.

FEEL GOOD VIBES – Red lipstick and my favourite new Marimekko Onnekas Unikko woollen sweater are the two things that lighten up my mood any day. Also, its mushroom hat season – chunky beanies galore!

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